Hadidja Nyiransekuye is a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Department of African and African American Studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver. She has a PhD from the University of Denver, Graduate School of social work. Her major interest is in international social work with a sub focus on Sub Saharan African women and forced migration.

Hadidja is a native of Rwanda. During the years before her coming to the USA, Hadidja has been a teacher of modern languages with an emphasis on applied linguistics to Bantu Languages of which Kinyarwanda her mother tongue. After the war and the genocide that ravaged her native land from 1990 to 1994, Hadidja immigrated to the USA with her four children to pursue a master’s degree and then a PhD in social work.

In addition to teaching school Hadidja has been involved with women movements before and after the war in Rwanda. As a social worker Hadidja worked with The Mental health Association of Colorado (now Mental health America of Colorado) as special project coordinator, with The Denver Center for crime victims as Program specialist for Hotline and evaluation services and then with Westside Family Network’s Family to Family program as site coordinator. Hadidja is a regular guest speaker, trainer and consultant on several issues concerning Africa and cross-cultural education and practice. Main topics include effective case management with refugee populations; bridging the gap between Rwandan survivors of the genocide and Americans survivors of violent crimes; the consequences of war on families in Rwanda; cultural barriers with service delivery to refugee women and women and social change in Africa.

At Metropolitan State College of Denver, Hadidja has taught classes for the department of social work and the department of African and African American studies. Recently she has initiated a conference on Genocide Prevention conference, Remembering Rwanda that is now in its 3rd year. The conference came as a response to the need to address issues of social justice and post conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.

Her Dissertation, At the Receiving End is now a book available on Her memoir, The Lances were Looking Down is also available on and Hadidja’s second article, “Weaving for Healing: Innovative approach to social work in Africa” was published in Reflections Journal of social work, Narrative of the Helping profession.

Hadidja is an active member of the council on external relation which is a subcommittee of the Council on Social Work Education’s commission on Global Social Work Education. She is also an active member of the Crime Victims Advisory council (C-VAC) here in Denver.